Arts Beyond Distance Season 3

INXO online talk series ‘Arts Beyond Distance’ is back with SEASON 3!

Similar to many other industries, performing arts was being placed into a devastated situation by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially due to mass gathering strictly prohibited under movement control order and conditional movement control order.

Hence, ‘Arts Beyond Distance’ Season 3 decided to shift focus on the performing arts among all art forms, featuring one established Malaysian artist or arts organization each episode, they are Jo Kukathas, Aida Redza, Omar Ali, Orang Orang Drum Theatre and Loh Kok Man.

As Malaysia moves into the recovery phase, performing arts practitioners are going beyond their effort to strive for survival. We are taking this opportunity to raise the profile of the performing arts for extra awareness towards how arts can restore faith in humanity. Looking forward to seeing Malaysian arts flourish and blossom again.

The guest speakers for SEASON 3 are:
✿01 Aug (English) / Jo Kukathas / Actor, Writer, Director
✿02 Aug (English) / Aida Redza / Performance maker, Choreographer
✿03 Aug (English) / Omar Ali / Actor, Director
✿04 Aug (Mandarin) / Orang Orang Drum Theatre
Chew Soon Heng / Artistic director
Leow Sze Yee / Music director
Leow Hui Min / Performance tour manager
✿05 Aug (Mandarin) / Loh Kok Man / Theatre director

Meet our artists 01 Aug – 05 Aug, 8PM every night Facebook Live at INXO Arts and Culture !
Our media partners CITYPlus FM, Eksentrika, Kakiseni will live stream on their Facebook page too!

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‘Arts Beyond Distance’ is an online talk series initiated by INXO Arts & Culture (L) Foundation. Featuring Malaysian artists in each episode and moderate by E-Jan Tan, CEO of INXO Productions, we aimed to articulate the values and impact of the arts, further promote arts and culture as an asset to our nation and humanity.
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隨著我國疫情好轉,劇場及各展演廳重新開放,國內表演藝 術工作者們也盡著最大的努力,在防疫標準作業程序中踏上復甦之路。藉著《我們與藝術的距離》第三季訪談,我們希望將表演藝術再次呈現到大眾眼前,感受藝術帶給我們的希望與力量。

《我們與藝術的距離》第三季邀請了本地表演藝術界幾位劇 團的代表,與主持人雲手製作執行長陳魚簡進行線上訪談, 藉此了解藝術家的創作經驗如創作動機、靈感、挑戰等等。

✿8月1日(英語):Jo Kukathas / 演員,作家,導演
✿8月2日(英語):Aida Redza / 表演藝術創作者,編舞家
✿8月3日(英語):Omar Ali / 演員,導演
周順興 / 藝術總監
廖世儀 / 音樂總監
廖慧鳴 / 巡演經理
✿8月5日(華語):羅國文 / 劇場導演

8月1日至5日每晚8時,誠邀各位進入臉書專頁 INXO Arts and Culture觀看直播,合作媒體 CITYPlus FM, Eksentrika及Kakiseni 也將在臉書專頁同步直播!

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《我們與藝術的距離》每一季進行5場線上直播訪談,每場 訪談一位或一組馬來西亞藝術家,以輕鬆創意的方式對談, 藉此了解藝術家的創作經驗如創作動機、靈感、挑戰等等。 訪談媒介語將依據各個藝術家的慣用語,以英語或華語進行 。
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Aug 1 - Aug 5, 2020
[ Sat ] - [ Wed ]
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM MYT
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